Small victories bring satisfaction now that I’m unexpectedly single again

lightbulbAs I changed several lightbulbs today and took the trash to the curb, I thought, “Wow, I’m kind of proud of myself.” Now, I know those are really, really small things to do. Very insignificant. But, then again, those were things I used to take for granted that my husband would do. It’s been five months since he left and I am picking up the slack. I’m now doing lots of little things, and some big things, that he used to do. So I got to thinking that this is something to celebrate.

I am making it. I have been through a lot since my husband and I separated. I have been through every negative emotion possible, but I have not given up. I have cried, yelled, vented, and agonized. And I’ve had lots of emotional ups and downs. But today I’m in a good place. I have hope for the future. I’m still anxious about how the divorce process will go, since we’re not through it yet. I hope it will be over quickly and that it can continue to be fairly amicable. I look forward to the day that it’s final, but I’m also content in today, in knowing that I have had some small victories, like remembering to take the garbage to the curb and shedding more light on my kitchen.

2 thoughts on “Small victories bring satisfaction now that I’m unexpectedly single again

  1. Yes, celebrate those things!!! Recognizing the things that you do now is part of you becoming independent. I kept our house after I got divorced and I still remember the day that I walked in through the front door, looked around and said out loud “this is mine!” (and it really did take a few months to get to that point). Be proud of ANY step you take forward 🙂

  2. I’m in the same place. I can now change batteries, make small repairs and I take the trash out every week.
    I’m still hoping to someday have someone who will take out the trash, pump my gas etc.

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