A man changed my entire perspective on children overnight

By Heather Walton

My students are a blessing and a testimony to God's work in my life.
My students are a blessing and a testimony to God’s work in my life.

I didn’t even used to like kids. I didn’t want to have any of my own. I wanted to be a career woman with a big house (not sure why I wanted a big house, since I wasn’t going to have any children), a Mercedes convertible, and a Ph.D. I wanted status, comfort, respect, and power. But not kids.

I also was staunchly liberal, and as such, I was pro-choice.

Then something unexpected happened. I met a man and fell in love with him. He convinced me to forego my dreams of a charmed and “powerful” life. He even changed my opinion on abortion. Yes, I was smitten. Before I knew it, this man had turned me into a completely different person. I now wanted with all my heart to be a mommy and even to stay at home to raise my children–I decided that I really wanted seven. This man hadn’t just changed my mind–I really no longer even recognized myself because of his influence.

You might know this man, too. If you do, odds are that he has had this kind of effect on you as well. That man’s name is Jesus and He changed my perspective on everything.

My brother and sister with me at my wedding.
My brother and sister with me at my wedding.

I had grown up as an only child until I was 16. Then my mom remarried and had twins! I even took care of them for awhile, but it wasn’t till I met Jesus that I actually liked kids. The Lord literally changed my view on children overnight when I was 21 years old.

Though I had once believed in the “woman’s right to choose,” I ended up working in a pro-life crisis pregnancy center for a couple years, and even did sidewalk counseling outside of an abortion clinic for awhile.

cate grad 4
Me with my four living (on earth) biological children at my oldest daughter’s graduation from high school.

Though I had once not desired to have my own children, I ended up having four biological children, staying home with them for ten years, and homeschooling the oldest two for six years.

Though I had once not cared for children, I ended up becoming a

teacher, and I even started my own school, which I still run today.

So this woman who had no cares or desires for children, born or unborn, now has four living (on earth) biological children, three step-children, and two children living in heaven, whom I will meet for the first time when I join them there. (Interestingly, that’s a current total of seven children on earth, which is how many I had desired so many years ago.)

I’m so thankful for the man who changed my perspective on children, and I’m blessed that He called me to dedicate my life to ministering to them.

“Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.'” (Matthew 19:14)

Our wedding party, which included our children and our niece.
Our wedding party, which included our children and our niece.

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