An Open Letter to Gov. Andy Beshear

Gov. Beshear

May 11, 2020

Governor Beshear,

I want to begin by saying that, for the first several weeks of your COVID-19 response, I was one of your strongest supporters. I watched your briefings every day and I was quite impressed with your handling of the situation. I also noted that you used your faith to support your reasoning, and I believed you used it well. I truly appreciated your desire to protect the lives of all Kentuckians, even those many seemed to discount as less important than the economy. I did wonder, however, why the abortion clinics were allowed to remain open. Even so, I supported you in the rest of your response measures. I defended you on social media multiple times and I used the hashtags you asked us to use. To this day, we turn on our green light nightly to honor those who have died of the coronavirus.

I was disheartened to make a possible connection between campaign contributions and your refusal to close the clinics, but when you chose to veto SB9, which would require babies who survived to be cared for, I was astonished. This bill passed by a landslide and had clear bipartisan support. You reasoned that this would reduce our unity and ability to defeat the coronavirus and reopening of the economy. However, if every Kentucky life matters, it’s worth doing, even if it’s not popular, could cause law suits, or could hinder reopening the economy. Isn’t this the very thing you have done and continue to do in the COVID-19 response? You have said you don’t care if it’s popular, you don’t care if people disagree, and you don’t care if people sue you. You also have been willing to keep our economy shut down indefinitely. I realize you’re doing some reopening, but it’s really not very quick and it’s also not highly practical. Your argument has consistently been that we need to save as many Kentucky lives as possible. In fact, you’ve been willing to do absolutely everything, including allowing many businesses to close permanently and overriding the First Amendment rights of our citizenry, to make sure that our losses are as minimal as possible.

You have cited your faith many times. Therefore, I feel compelled to tell you what is on my heart as a believer. The blood of many, many children is on your hands. You have accepted blood money from Planned Parenthood and from abortion clinic owners Ernest and Ona Marshall, and likely many others who practice and champion abortion. Even without the veto, you support abortion. You may argue that there need to be exceptions for the life and health of the mother, but as one who had to have a pregnancy terminated because of the baby implanted ectopically, I did not need to go to an abortion clinic, and would not have been able to have been serviced there.

Abortion is murder, as God has created each life. Most abortions are the result of previous sin, whether from the mother, the father, or usually both. Taking a child’s life because of his parents’ sins is not ethical, moral, or Scriptural. So when you vetoed SB9, I woke as if from sleeping and began to question why you are willing to inconvenience so many and even devastate some on the grounds of caring for all Kentuckians, yet far more have died through abortion than from the coronavirus. At first, it seemed these measures were necessary, but as we’ve learned more, it just doesn’t add up. I’m willing to believe you began with the best of intentions regarding the COVID-19 response, but now, why not go ahead and open up the economy, allow people to resume church services as normal, and allow us to get back to what hopefully will be a new and better normal?

I also have concerns about your handling of churches. Biblically, we are not to forsake the assembling of ourselves together. It’s great that we are able to have online services, but that’s simply not the same as meeting in person. And being told not to even sing together is disheartening. Being told not to meet together, sing together, or participate in sacraments goes directly against Scripture. If this were as bad as health officials originally had projected, I would be more open to the idea of church being conducted alternatively, but I would also expect most other organizations and businesses to be closed. If I can’t go to church and worship in the normal way, I also shouldn’t be able to go to an abortion clinic, a liquor store, or a hardware store.

I work hard to be respectful and pleasant toward those with whom I disagree, but I don’t believe in shying away from the truth, because the truth sets us free. No law can take away our freedom in Christ, but it’s still crucial that Christ followers petition the authorities when injustice prevails. There are clear injustices when some human lives are considered expendable or less valuable than others, and there are clear injustices when people’s livelihoods are lost due to excessive government control.

After the fall of man, God commanded Adam and Eve to fill the earth and subdue it. These are related to two main realms – childbearing and work. Your actions affect each of these in the opposite ways that God intended, because you are allowing childbearing to be unnaturally restrained, while not allowing people to work. Please prayerfully read the Scriptures. I ask you, on behalf of all citizens of Kentucky, to change your stance on abortion, to fully open Kentucky’s churches, and to allow Kentuckians to go back to work. There are ways to protect the vulnerable that don’t require so many others to suffer in countless ways.

I am praying for you, and am open to discussing this with you if you would like to.


Heather Walton



315 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Gov. Andy Beshear

  1. I totally agree with you…I have been upset with the Governor saying one thing and doing just the opposite. I pray that his heart is changed but if not I an willing to stand up and work to make Kentucky a Pro-Life state.

  2. I totally agree with this letter. How do you expect me to respect you when I see you tearing up and crying over a 95 year old person who died when you had the chance to save a baby’s life and chose not to save an innocent baby? When you say that that we should not be politically divided? A life is a life. That is what I do not understand about you or the Democratic party which make me believe your whole effort is to make our economy fail so that it will reflect on Trump. Shame on you Andy Beshear!pe

  3. I have been asking myself the same questions, to me, Gov. Beshear, is talking out of both sides of his mouth. In the beginning of this virus, I thought he was doing a great job, now, not so much. A life is a life, how can he care so much about Kentuckians, young and old, and believe abortion is okay in God’s eyes. I know he will never respond to your letter, but thank you for writing what so many of us were thinking. If nothing else, hopefully, he will understand why many people have lost faith in him!

  4. He does care what people think. That’s why he soothed media and a handful of prison wives before he bothered with rest homes. He ordered all inmates be tested at GRCC before he made an order like that at any other facility including western state. All because of bad media coverage and protests. Came too late to tell me he is doing the right thing. I agree with this letter

  5. Couldn’t have said it better myself! Thank you Heather, I agree with everything you’ve said, although I’ve never liked, nor trusted this govnenor from the beginning

  6. Heather,
    You make some good points with the way you see things but not everything is black and white. Not every unwanted child is conceived from previous sins from the mother and father. As a rape victim who has counseled many rape victim who became pregnant by force should have the right to decided if she wants to keep the baby or not. God is the only one that should judge her and it is not your right to do that. Trying to justify deaths between abortion vs Coronavirus is ridiculous as the two are completely different, no one chose to get the virus just like no woman asked to get pregnant by rape. Abortion is a choice the mother makes and that decision is on her. I am blessed that my son’s birth mother decided adoption as God has blessed me with a wonderful son he chose for me.

    As for the closings of churches, what Andy did was the same thing many other Governors did around the country. So for those who think they need to worship in church and want to be at higher risk of getting the virus, then maybe you will be godly and give up the bed or ventilator you may need for someone else who chose to stay safe at home. Your relationship with God shouldn’t be based on if you go to church or not but how godly you live your life and how you treat others. There is a commandment about that.

    As a small business owner, I believe we need to steps to open backup in a safety. The financial impacted has effected everyone but to open quickly like you suggest is irresponsible. Like many people, I will not be a patron to any retail shop or restaurant who cares more about the all mighty dollar over the safety of others. I don’t think you speak for all Kentuckians as there are many who do not have your same believes. We all have the right to have our own thoughts and wants in which others including you don’t have the right to judge anyone, that will be left up to God.

    1. Even if you are raped it is not the Baby’s fault And should be born like every other normal birth .There is a thing called Adoption .The baby deserves a chance for life .

    2. Thank you small business owner for having wisdom and common sense. I am also a small business owner and fully agree with you!

  7. This is a Democratic position. They took in God we Trust out of their platform in 2016. They and their policies are unAmerican and only serve to take this country down a deep dark path.

  8. Governor you have stated that you are a deacon in your church, however you in no way follow the Scriptures or God’s law. My prayers are with your entire church, because if they allow you to continue to be a deacon then the church in whole is in need of God. Governor your wasting your time going to church and making the decisions you still continue to make. Going to church won’t get you to Heaven, you need to step down as a deacon and as Governor of our state. As a Christian I pray you truly find Jesus and pull yourself out of the pits of hell that you have placed yourself in because you care more about your appearance, your fame, and money more than you have every considered Jesus Christ.

    1. Judge not, lest thee be judged yourself. Perhaps you should follow your own advice and behave in a more Christian like manner

  9. That was a powerful message. I pray the Governor read and understand the message. This world needs God. He is our salvation. A child is a gift from God.”Thy shalt not kill”.

  10. Everyone commenting on this letter is a hypocrite. There are many children in foster care being treated like they aren’t human, also many children in cages living a terrible condition being sold, raped, and even killed but you are worried about abortion clinics being open. First, we gotta take care of all the kids that are in the places that I just name then we can worry about about clinics. It’s doesn’t matter if the children are white, black, or Hispanic they are still never to be saved. Since all of you base everything on your religion.

  11. I am totally confused by Andy Beshear’s mixed message. How does someone talk so well about being a Christian & loving God and wanting to protect every single Kentuckian …and then allowing the continuation of abortions? How do you ban medical procedures, like knee & hip procedures, but allow abortions to continue due the Covid crisis? I think you speak with a forked tongue. I was watching , “the Andy Show” as my husband teases me about watching it. I now don’t because of these terrible mixed messages. I felt like I had made a mistake during the elections. Trying to decide between two devils on what to do. Hopefully next time around we will get a truly Christian man. I suggest we all start praying for that leader now. Or that Andy sees the error of his ways and changes for the better. I do believe we should open slowly. I am a small business owner & my business has been closed. I will operate cautiously because I am high risk. I have never been a fan of punishing the whole class for just one person acting up. So just because I’m higher risk, doesn’t mean everyone else should have to stay inside. It’s time to get the country back to work.

  12. Heather Walton your letter totally relects and expresses my thoughts. Thank you.

  13. Judged aren’t we???? It is a woman’s choice not yours or the goverment…no I don’t believe in abortion but just because it’s not right for me doesn’t mean it’s not right for someone else….why can’t we all just get along or agree to disagree and quit judging everyone that doesn’t look, act, or think/believe like us!!!! I love dandy, handy Andy!!!!! He’s doing the best job he can with what has been dealt to us all….all government leaders are doing the best they can…except for one!!!!! God bless you all…now I love you all!!!!

    1. I don’t care who makes the decision to abort a baby because “it’s my choice, my right”. It is murder regardless of who makes the decision to murder an innocent baby.

  14. Yes! You seem to be a man of God, why can’t you see the irony of being pro abortion? Votes?

  15. Very well said ! I also agree with you! This as well as many governors across the United States have chosen to become power-hungry and I am sick to death of them ! They have cost the American people more jobs and countless lives ! than they’ll ever be worth! I believe as Americans we the people can do a much better job of protecting are most vulnerable ! Then they have! Or ever will ! Honestly I’m sick of listening to his bull crap! I’d like to see him sit down and shut up awhile! Ps I have to say this 🤣. Who the heck are these people finding him to be the sexiest man 😂 find nothing sexy in a person that’s self centered! And cares only for his own choices ! Shame on you Andy !

  16. I fully agree on the part about abortion. I am firmly against it. It is one of God’s commandments. It is in one word MURDER. The rest , I will leave in the hands of folks who know more about COVID-19 and the economy.

  17. What a great letter, not mean spirited but factually stated. I agree with every word. I wanted to give the Governor the benefit of the doubt,
    however when he vetoed SB9 I could not support you anymore.

  18. I agree with every word that was written by this person. I stand behind her 100%.

  19. Well said. I totally agree.
    Open up our state safely &
    let everyone get back to work.
    All workers are essential!

  20. God will have the last say and action speaks louder than words, I quit listening to our governor a long time ago and just visit Evansville to shop and eat can you be worried about life and murder babies?

  21. Abortion Andy he got nine but for a reason he’s a typical politician worried about money only and who’s going to greasy his pockets he is despicable!

    My feelings Reed Welker

  22. Very well spoken and I totally agree with every word you have written.
    I felt the same way about how he handled it when it first started and he seemed sincere. But I have never trusted the Boy . His daddy helped steal about $ 80,000 from my retirement funds , which was about 90% of it .
    The Nut Don’t fall far from the tree.

  23. I Agree With All That Was Said!!! Kentucky Made A Disasterous Choice When He Was Elected Governor

  24. Heather what a great letter. I so wish I had that creative writing ability. Totally agree with what u wrote. It does explain the real little Andy, who is just like his daddy, a crooked democratic politician. Hopefully Kentuckians will see there mistake in the next election and return to a pro-life Republican

  25. Governor, Lives do matter, even the lives of the unborn fully human in the utero in their development stages! These babies are our next generation for heaven’s sake!

    This once Democrat of 60 years left her Party bent keeping abortion alive and well in Kentucky because she answers to God and not the god of Baal lead by Satan! Governor, There Is a hell!

    TooGovernor, Lives do matter for those of us denied our religious liberties to worship as we want because of poor governing! Don’t you think we have common sense enough to follow the guidelines of Kentucky during this Pandemic? My prayers! You do need them!

  26. this is what you get when you vote your wallet instead of brains esp teachers

  27. You have no right to kill a baby no matter how it is conceived, that is a human life. Give it up for adoption you have no right to take a babies life.

  28. I think Gov. Andy Beshear is doing a wonderful job for Kentucky. He saved lives by shutting down churches and mass gatherings of any kind, As far as the abortion issue, how many of you ladies have took birth control pills, the morning after pill, used the interuterine devices to kill sperm’s. There has always been and always will be abortions. It’s better to be safe about it without killing the mother with a coat hanger or other methods used. It’s the woman’s choice, not the government. How many of you think it was right pulling the babies out of the mothers arms at the border, keeping these children in cages which they are still in cages!!! The Trump Administration is responsible for this barbaric act. There were two teen age boys who died in the cages from the flu. The Trump Administration refused them doctors care. How many of youall voted and support this dictator. IS that Right?? As far as closing the liquor stores, an alcoholic addict can die without another drink. Is it right to refuse them a drink if it saves their lives from a heart attack. Withdrawals can kill!!! God Bless Gov. Andy Beshear!! Good Christian man, good dad and the best leader Kentucky could have!!

  29. The word of God says to rebuke them openly that others may fear. Gov. Andy is the them. He will stand before a judge one day that will not accept bribes and unless he repents he’ll remember this terrible bit of unjust leadership he currently administers to a good people that See’s right through his hypocricy.

  30. He does not need to continue talking about his faith, we as Christians know what the bible says and murder is a sin and when he stands before the Lord he will answer for this. I no longer trust him nor do I listen to him talk about how we should be kind and considerate and acting sad when someone passes. But yet continues to kill babies. He has two children of his own. I will never understand this. He also says it is not about politics but every chance he gets he puts our past governor down. I pray for him because I like you do not believe he is a Christian. I am not his judge but the fruits show what kind of person he is. I will no longer listen to him or respect him. May God have mercy on him!

  31. Jill Abortion is “Murder” there is no way around it and those who promote and vote for those that continue to allow abortion and fund it will stand before God and give account for each murdered baby in or out of the womb.

    A truly Born again christian cannot vote for any person who allows abortions, for the blood of each baby murdered will be on their hands as well and any person who has the power to stop abortion and does not stop it will be held accountable.

    From what i know of the Bible Hell is a place of torment and the fire is never quenched. The bible condemns murder in any form.

    Yes there is forgiveness but once forgiven you do not return to the sin. God expects us to live Holy lives and He provided the grace to keep us from returning to willful sin.

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